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Natural Concealment

Flawless skin is for the young. As we age most of us develop an imperfection here and there. Therefore, DWC Skincare developed Ultimate Natural Concealment to hide:

Skin BlemishesBroken CapillariesDark CirclesDiscolorationBirth MarksLiver SpotsRosacea


Natural ConcealerNatural Concealment

This formulation is the end result of a long period of painstaking research.

For those of you that have skin imperfections or flaws that you wish to hide this mica mineral formula is the ideal solution.

It covers like magic even in the most serious cases. How much or little concealer you apply will depend on what it is you need to cover.

The best method is to use your index finger. Apply sparingly in thin layers until you achieve the desired amount of coverage.

Our unique all in one mineral make up system suits all skin tones. The ingredients in Natural Concealment are non-allergic, spread smoothly and easily. You can wear it all day and night long without ever clogging your pores.

Natural Concealment also enables your skin to absorb and retain moisture. The added Vitamin E helps to promote the repair of skin damage and over time improve your skins natural appearance.