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Beauty Glow – Mineral Makeup

Our unique Beauty Glow mineral makeup system suits all skin tones and gives a soft and healthy glow, without the harmful rays of the sun and so you can look your most beautiful self without the appearance of wearing make-up!


Beauty Glow mineral make upbeauty-glow-2

Our unique mineral makeup system is an amazing mineral-based formulation that is free of perfumes, dyes and talc.

It is ideal for virtually all skin types and complexions, giving perfect coverage of fine lines, blemishes, redness and blotches.

Expect Beauty Glow makeup to last twelve to eighteen months with regular daily use. For extreme cases of roseacea, age spots, dark circles, broken capillaries, scars, or sun damage we recommend you use DWC Natural Concealment in conjunction with DWC Skincare Beauty Glow. You will be truly amazed at the staying power, ease-of-use and effectiveness of such a soft and fine powder!

Skin care professionals recommend Beauty Glow mineral makeup because it is extremely unlikely to cause allergic skin reactions – it is so pure and gentle and you will be delighted with the natural beautiful cover and amazing reflective qualities of the mica minerals pigments that lasts all day and all night long.

Buy four Beauty Glows and get four Natural Concealers FREE, plus 10% off your order!

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